For a global drinks giant we designed and built around 60 iPad apps for EMEA sales teams, in 12 languages.

For a global confectionery giant we built a Vending Machine CRM to manage assets, contract and planogram compliance, and ROI monitoring. The sales team could sell in machines by creating e-signed contracts on their iPads (we built that app too) while sitting with a customer.

For a global dairy giant we co-developed a JBP system to track front/back margins and to enable scenario planning.

Now, from August 2023, we are bringing ‘giant company’ tools to medium and smaller consumer goods businesses, by packaging everything we know into one SaaS (Software as a Service) tool which we call Perfect Supplier.

The following are our current reference sites; we have worked with them on retailer data projects for between 6 and 12 years. Please ask to be connected to find out more about our abilities, and what we are like to work with.

Having worked with Conker for several years with their ‘Availability Manager’ platform, we are now looking to really leverage the data even further. In extending the system beyond the current functionality, the Conker team have been fast and very creative in the solutions that they have provided. I would happily recommend anyone looking to take advantage of the services that Conker offers.

Conker offers a powerful tool that every sales team must have. And whenever their support is needed they will help out. As an organisation we are using Conker’s tools to manage and track sales, stock and promo performance data. In less than a minute and using a variety of metrics we can have a complete report showing our performance.

The Britvic Instore app is simple and intuitive with minimal training needed to get fully up to speed. The daily store level EPOS reports built into the app enable the reps to have proper commercial conversations with their store contacts. The reporting and insights that are being shared with the Britvic head office team have enabled us to make better and more timely decisions.