FSD On Shelf Availability

Full Self Driving On Shelf Availability is here, now. We call it Snappy Decisions. Imagine going into a supermarket, taking a few snaps. Less than 4 minutes later you open your iPhone, iPad or laptop and see all the data you need - with context (versus expectation), trend (red or green) and quick links to various views of the analysed snaps.

Is anybody a Perfect Supplier?

It’s easy to be a perfect supplier for a week or a month. Achieving it week in and week out, across the years, that’s the challenge.

Drop the dropdowns

People talk about ‘information at your fingertips’. But it usually means dragging a mouse and clicking/selecting on endless dropdowns...

A seller needs a good cellar

Just as a wise manager develops her team with an eye on future productivity, a wise business lays down data in the expectation of benefits down the line. This is the power of the data lake.

We did it again

We are proud to share that we have earned our second Silver sustainability accreditation. We wanted to do a deep dive in sustainability matters and the ideal partner to help us with this was Investors in the Environment (iiE).