The Contacts database also dovetails with the Events system. Need to invite contacts to a launch party? And to see who is RSVP-ing with a yes/no/maybe? Or to share a newsletter with brand updates? It’s all tried and tested in our ‘Contacts & Events’ system.

If the current Promotion planning system is in Excel, we have a way to integrate that into the data warehouse. Doing this also means that reports can be auto-generated to show how promotions are going (‘Promotions Trackers’) or how they went.

How about a ‘To Do’ system with Reminders to ensure that key tasks aren’t overlooked? Don’t be late with a listing or promotional proposal. Tasks can be auto-generated when triggered by issues in the data eg ‘Investigate why Ranged Stores just dropped from 335 to 182’.

Joint Business Plans can be managed within
Perfect Supplier - with scenario planning too.

Where Can I Buy It (WCIBI)

A customer service agent can refer to a map, or share a map with a consumer to direct them to the nearest stockist. For retailers which share EPOS, the consumer can be told which stores in the area had stock yesterday, for greater confidence before a trip. No more guessing based on theoretical listings. The map can be linked to a company’s website, and it will update every day.

WCIBI can share a ‘short URL’ in social media messages, which take a consumer to a map of their area showing stockists of the product being posted about.