1. What if we need something that’s not in the toolkit, or a slightly different version?

If we think it will benefit others, we won’t even charge to build it. This way the entire Perfect Supplier community benefits from its collective wisdom.

2. How secure is my company’s data?

You will be allocated a private cloud and database etc in AWS (Amazon Web Services). Amazon has best in class security. There have been no issues / breaches in the two decades that we’ve been working with retailer data.

3. How are retailer portals accessed, to download the data?

You put relevant user credentials in our encrypted ‘Password Vault’. Our software robots use these credentials to collect the data.

4. I only want a few parts of the system, is that possible?

All tools are optional and can be hidden if not currently required, so your users will only see the reports and options which the company has chosen to activate.

5. How is the monthly subscription calculated?

It’s a combination of factors - number of SKUs, number of retailers, number of users, features activated. Whatever fee is agreed, it can be locked in to be no higher than inflation for the duration of the contract. There is also no archiving of data - customers who have been with us for 10 years have online (and iPad) access to 10 years of history.

6. What are the setup charges?

There aren’t any.

7. Does Perfect Supplier report at Store level?

We report at whatever level of granularity a retailer offers. Store level, depot level regional level and format level are the obvious main delineators.

8. Does the system use AI?

Yes, we have a partnership with AI experts ParalletDots (paralleldots.com) for Image Recognition services, and they can also offer Social Media tracking services. We have several AI products in the pipeline and within a year it’s likely that AI will play a role in most aspects of ‘Perfect Supplier’. But we will never be uploading chunks of our customers’ data to ChatGPT, that’s a dangerous way to work!

9. Can your apps run on Android devices?

Not at present. We have found that most corporates prefer the security and deployment methods offered by Apple. Our iPhone/iPad apps are 100% native code for the best possible user experience and so they wouldn’t readily transfer to Android. One day, no doubt.

10. Do you offer a consultancy service to help us interpret the data?

No, everything we do is automated. We do have a method for our customers to share specific subsets of their data with external consultants eg for deep dive promotional analysis. This is highly secure because you have the option to only share part of your data; it’s also low touch for your team because no-one has to spend time laboriously creating data extracts before the analysis can happen.