Elon Musk continually dangles the prospect of Full Self Driving cars – definitely, certainly, ‘next year’. Well, Full Self Driving On Shelf Availability is here, now.

We call it Snappy Decisions. Tesla touts tech that combines cameras with AI, and so does Snappy Decisions. Just as Tesla cars are powered by renewable energy, Snappy Decisions is powered by data sets that renew every day.

Imagine going into a supermarket, taking a few snaps. Less than 4 minutes later you open your iPhone, iPad or laptop and see:

  • Range compliance
  • Planogram compliance
  • Share of space 
  • Pricing
  • Products off sale – and whether there is stock in the back
  • Root Cause Analysis for products off sale
  • Sales value and volume per facing
  • Sales performance versus stores with the same planogram
  • What’s new and what’s vanished
  • Auto-creation of tasks to discuss issues with the buyer

All of the above have context (versus expectation), trend (red or green) and with quick links to various views of the analysed snaps.

Good luck getting your FSD out of beta, Mr Musk. We’re watching you … in the rear view mirror.