“Nobody’s perfect” we cry, when someone calls out a mistake we’ve made. And of course fallibility is often what makes a person more interesting, more compelling, more human.   

However, nobody wants their systems and processes to be fallible. We all strive to design them to minimise the risk of human error, because we know that we’re otherwise going to be brought down by any one of the deadly sins, or simply by a bad pivot table.  


In the fast-moving world of Consumer Packaged Goods, intra-day decisions are made by people and systems working in harmony, sharing the duties as it were. Strategic decisions are mostly made by people, supported by systems.   

In both cases, the people are only as good as the weakest link in their systems. As data volumes grow exponentially, the ancient adage ‘Garbage In, Garbage Out’ becomes ever more of a flashing neon sign.


It’s easy to be a perfect supplier for a week or a month. Achieving it week in and week out, across the years, that’s the challenge.

Conker’s systems have been honed over more than two decades in FMCG and can not only keep the garbage out (there’s a lot of it to keep out, in a business of even low complexity) but shine a light on what has been allowed in.  Minimising the risk of human error, and maximising the likelihood of inspired decisions.