Authorised users can have multiple years of sales history in an iPad app for instant querying - even when offline.

Track NPD down to store level using reports but also maps to draw attention to regional issues.

Dashboards will be configured to the business’s exact needs and can be incorporated into LiveDecksⓡ. There can be a separate dashboard just for online sales and stocks.

Each user can specify the Alerts they would like to receive each morning. Brands/Retailers/Prices/Stocks/Ranging as well as percentage variation before the Alert is triggered - this ensures that Alerts are always useful and not seen as spam. Alerts can go to email, WhatsApp, SMS, or to the Perfect Supplier iPhone app.

Field team store visits can be massively enhanced by access to yesterday’s data and issues. Perfect Supplier can share this information in multiple ways to suit how the team works.

Snappy Decisions integrates EPOS and Image Recognition. Want to know about your share of space, or planogram compliance? And how these impact sales and waste? We don’t just supply tools that make it trivial to ‘do’ Image Recognition; we supply alerts, trends and insights. With Snappy Decisions a picture really is worth 1,000 data points.