Product Masterfile

Too many businesses rely on a spreadsheet for something as crucial as the Masterfile. This is the one source of truth - and it can of course be exported to Excel, using whatever filters are needed.


Store anything in here and ensure people always have the latest version of. If the team is using iPads they can be sure that out of date documents are automatically removed (no user effort needed) and the latest version downloaded. Sales Presenters, Consumer research… anything, in any file format.

Live Decks

Decks (and pdfs) that are always up to date. This includes the ‘Monday Management Report’ but can include several other decks that might be needed to monitor KPIs.

Image Bank

Store all brand and product images for online sales and more. No upload/download fees, and easy to share/circulate.


Warm up a meeting with a quiz that rewards speed of answering as well as just knowing the answer. Quiz questions are based on retail sales and distribution and are at SKU level. Fresh questions are auto-generated each day by our smart software bots.