We are so proud to share that we have earned our second Silver sustainability accreditation 🌿✨


Not our first time…

Our first certification was awarded to us last year through the Sustainability for Good programme (a partnership between the De Montfort University and the University of Leicester). We passed with flying colours! However since remote-first companies are a relatively recent phenomena, the assessment method used was ‘borrowed’ from the one used to evaluate office based companies.


We wanted to go further

We wanted to do a deep dive in sustainability and make sure our assessment was accurate, and so we found the ideal partner to help us with this: Investors in the Environment (iiE). Through iiE, we were given access to workshops, 1-2-1 guidance and tools that we could make use of to reach our goal. Including an amazing calculation tool for home working emissions. Thanks to that, we can be reassured that we are on the right track 💪

We now can calculate our carbon equivalent emissions, and we got very good results: our average yearly emissions per employee are 0.37 tCO2e! About 90% lower than the European average for office-based employees: 3.6 tCO2e 1. This and many other actions earned us the iiE Silver Award for our commitment to sustainability.


Our current position and what’s to come

We’re really proud of this milestone; it’s certainly not easy to earn these certifications. But we know it’s worth it: not only does being transparent about our sustainability efforts help us prove that we care about our planet, but it also helps us attract customers who share our values.

Now, here’s the deal: this accreditation isn’t meant to be just a pat on the back. It is, same as the one before, a challenge, a call to action. Our aim is to keep pushing boundaries, exploring new ideas, and – why not – partnering with other eco-warriors to create a greener future.

So, for a start, why don’t you join us in spreading the message and leading by example? If you’re not sure where to start, keep an eye on our next blogs, as we will be talking about the ways that we found to be more sustainable, step by step. Let’s spread the green vibes far and wide. Together, we can shake up the world and make it a sustainable home.

From the bottom of our hearts, thanks a million for being a part of our journey. Stay tuned for more exciting sustainability adventures ahead! 🚶



1 The carbon emissions of an employee, Tree-Nation, 28 February 2020