Toolkit for
FMCG suppliers

Could your business benefit from real
time visibility of key retail metrics?

Maximise Availability
Minimise Waste
Increase Profit


Our customers get a data lake, perfectly configured for an FMCG supplier. This is where you store all retailer data (sales, stocks, waste, ranging etc) as well as internal data eg dispatches.


Less than 10 minutes after a retailer’s prior day data is collected by our system it has been cleaned, harmonised and added to the data warehouse. 365 days a year.

Users have received relevant Alerts; Dashboards have updated; Promotion Trackers have been updated and shared; Live Decks reflect the latest information.

The Magic of

How does ‘Software as a Service’ work for FMCG businesses? For one low monthly subscription each of our customers has access to its own secure private data cloud and a constantly evolving suite of tools. Best in class tools.